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Dodge Challenger Insurance Rates in California vs New York
Even within the same city, drivers in different zip codes can end up paying different rates to insure their vehicles. And while you’re probably not going to change where you live based on the potential insurance costs, it does help to get a general idea of what people in different areas pay for insurance.

Since California and New York are two of the biggest states in terms population, we’ll take a look at some examples of Dodge Challenger insurance costs in different parts of each state to illustrate how much region can affect insurance costs.

  • Zip: 93101 Los Angeles, CA: $155-185
  • Zip: 94558 Santa Barbara, CA: $95-115
  • Zip: 90035 San Diego, CA: $105-125
  • Zip: 90210 San Jose, CA: $140-160
  • Zip: 90210 San Francisco: $150-170
New York
  • Zip: 10001 Manhattan, NY: $150-160
  • Zip: 12201 Albany, NY: $110-$130
  • Zip: 12201 Buffalo, NY: $120-130
  • Zip: 12201 Rochester, NY: $115-125
  • Zip: 12201 Brooklyn, NY: $140-150

In our examples, we used these inputs for insuring a 2009 Challenger:
  • Male driver, single, no accidents, 31 years of age, Bodily Injury $50,000/$100,000, $50,000 Property damage, non home-owner

As you can see, insurance estimates in the larger metropolitan areas (Los Angeles and Manhattan) are significantly higher than those in less densely populated areas (such as Santa Barbara and Albany). The reason for this is simple: Cars that reside in areas with higher crime rates and more vehicles per capita have a higher chance of getting into an accident or being broken into.

If you are in the process of moving and trying to decide which part of a city you want to live in, it may be beneficial to get sample insurance quotes from each of the zip codes you are interested in living in.

While location is only one of the many factors that affect your overall insurance premium, it is one that you are going to need to consider when estimating your insurance costs.


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