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Live in New York and Drive a Dodge? Save Money on Insurance (Even If You Have a Ticket)

Whether youíre 16 or 60, speeding tickets and traffic violations can happen to the best of us. If you drive a Dodge in New York and have recently received a moving violation, youíre probably worried that your car insurance rates are going to go through the roof as a result. And itís true: whether you are applying for a brand new car insurance policy or simply extending an existing one, traffic violations are often one of the most important factors for determining your car insurance rates. Thankfully, New York State offers drivers the option of taking part in a program that can help them remove points from their driving record AND decrease their car insurance rates.

Point & Insurance Reduction Program

Passed in the Spring of 2009, the Point & Insurance Reduction Program (also known as PIRP) gives drivers the option of enrolling in an accident prevention course provided by a number of approved course providers. By passing a PIRP course, drivers can:

  1. Reduce the amount of points on their driving record by up to 4 points
  2. Get an automatic 10% reduction in their car insurance rates each year for three years.

Finding an Approved Course Provider

You can only receive the benefits of the Point and Insurance Reduction Program if you use an approved course provider. You can find a handy list of the various approved providers in New York by clicking on this link: While some providers may be approved to offer both classroom and online courses, some may only be approved to offer one or the other, so make sure before signing up. After completing the mandatory 320 minutes of instruction time, you will be eligible to receive the benefits discussed above.

How Do I Get My Insurance Rates Lowered and Points Removed?

After the successful completion of your course, your course sponsor will then mail you a certificate of completion (usually within 45 days of completing the course). Simply present that certificate to your insurance provider and you will see an automatic 10% savings in your car insurance premiums retroactive to the completion date of your course. As for your DMV points, your course sponsor will automatically notify the DMV after you have completed your course Ė which will then result in the point reduction.

While traffic tickets are a fact of life for even the best drivers, they donít always have to cost you a fortune. By taking advantage of the Point & Insurance Reduction Program, New York Dodge owners can make sure that a simple indiscretion doesnít end up breaking the bank.


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