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Brandon Shoun
Today 02:12 PM
 96 5.2 Hard Downshift
Any help would be greatly appreciated. What could be causing this? No slips or anything, however when I am accelerating then all of a sudden let off the gas, the transmission down shifts hard. I... (29 views, 0 replies)
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Today 01:41 PM
 new LEDs but no radio power
Turns out it was a ground coming from the relay i had to re splice it because i guess i crimped it to tight and i found a better place to ground the switch but now it works but kind flickers a bit,... (328 views, 13 replies)
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Today 01:38 PM
 2009 Dodge Journey SE 2.4L - Delayed Startup
Thank you! I have been reading so many forums with no real leads to an answer or even where to start. And it's been doing this for a couple years now. I'll try that and hope it works. I appreciate... (5,026 views, 17 replies)
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Today 01:25 PM
 pulley(s) replacement
Thanks for the confirmation. I put this off, now I know what to expect. (395 views, 8 replies)
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Today 12:39 PM
 02 Quad cab steering slop after new steering shaft?
Welcome inspector. Are you sure it is in the steering shaft? How are the ball joints and tie rod ends, both inner and outer? Are the bushings in good condition on the control arm? There are... (167 views, 1 replies)
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Today 12:37 PM
 2000 dakota SLT 4.7 PCM swapping issue
Pull up a build sheet. You can get it via this link: http://dodgeforum.com/forum/2nd-gen-dakota/375271-how-to-get-a-build-sheet-for-your-dakota.html (320 views, 7 replies)
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Today 12:36 PM
 Wiring up the stock fuel pump
Without a functioning ASD relay, no. The fuel pump won't work. You can certainly wire it up to work though. But, the output is about 50psi. That's a lot of pressure for a carb. You'd need a... (147 views, 1 replies)
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Today 12:21 PM
 door hinge replacement
:icon_steer: Ok, so the new pins and bushes did help, im not disowning the fact that they were wopped, what i was trying to say in a hurry was that although the bushings and pins helped, it didnt... (7,263 views, 16 replies)
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Today 12:16 PM
 does your left tail light look like a fish tank?
That won't happen unless you purchased an extended warranty, and it still might not even I you did, depending on the type of warranty. (10,688 views, 10 replies)
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Today 11:42 AM
 Nv3500 update
I sent them an email just now asking for some input of the kinds of synchros bearings and seals being used. And I've heard the Pennzoil stuff is cheap compared to like royal purple. I've just never... (615 views, 25 replies)
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Today 11:09 AM
 Warning Chimes Start After Driving for 1 to 2 Minutes
Thanks for the response, Yes my my check engine lights work when I turn the key on (189 views, 3 replies)
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Today 11:03 AM
 Lost a good girl
Amen. Haven't tried in a while but 18 years ago mine could bury the needle with ease. Engine probably still could but I bet suspension/steering would make me regret trying that again. (259 views, 8 replies)
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Today 11:02 AM
 Emergency brake cable
How does the emerg brake cable stay attached to the lever on the back of the disc backing plate? There's a spring with washer I think. (135 views, 0 replies)
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Today 10:44 AM
 4.7l cranks but no start.
At 185K, just prepare yourself for some sort of mechanical failure. That is about the limit of a 4.7 in pretty much anything. (188 views, 3 replies)
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Today 10:42 AM
 Electronic Throttle Control Light/horse power loss
P2173 is a vacuum leak detected or high air flow. If the T-body motor fails, this can be ONE of the DTCs, but will be accompanied by a few others. In this instance, the P2173 is a symptom and not the... (108,316 views, 60 replies)
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93 ragtop
Today 10:26 AM
 NV3500 Questions
Sounds like a heck of a nice truck!! Ragged, FWIW I have a 93 corvette, with a built 385ci engine....... I took it to a place in Va beach to have it dyno tuned. Not complaining about their work,... (765 views, 24 replies)
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Today 10:09 AM
 a-frame bolts
Have you tried a pick-n-pull junkyard? Maybe a salvage yard. Or an auto parts store. (209 views, 1 replies)
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Today 09:40 AM
 92 5.2 5speed swap problems
10 4 it is the 2peice but just found out its the 14spline ax15 96-98 2wd 2.5, which is why i had to use a clutch from 84 camero and yes changed to manual cps and yes still fuel injected. So i told... (205 views, 6 replies)
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The War Wagon
Today 09:08 AM
 1992 Dodge Ramcharger LE-150
Oy... brands... I gotta dig through more pictures... and ye olde brain pan, to come up with that. :icon_idea1: I WILL say, that I would avoid ANY suspension company with the name "rough," "ruff,"... (3,043 views, 10 replies)
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Today 08:45 AM
 Hesitation? Misfire? Vibration under light load
Aw man it is way to hard to see back there and a pain to do. Thats how I feel though, I know I'm right haha. But I doubt I am and hopefully I figure it out today after work ill post then. Thanks again (44,834 views, 46 replies)

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