11 Fast Mopar/Shelby Collaborations Over the Years

Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca met back when Lee worked at Ford and Carol hot rodded Mustangs. They kept in touch, and eventually a new generation of Shelby tweaked Dodges were born. Here’s a few you probably forgot as we look back on 2016 and everythi…

  Comments | By - December 30, 2016

Pullied Hellcat Challenger Lays Down 739hp, Runs 9s

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a factory stock drag strip monster, with the ability to break into the high 10s in stock form and when you add sticky tires and a little power – mid to low 10s is reasonable expectation. Today, we bring you the B5 Blue Hellcat Challenger owned by “Dr. Buick” […] More »

  Comments | By - December 29, 2016

7 Fun Things To Haul In Your Dodge Before You Die

Hauling lumber and bricks and dirt are convenient, but you haven’t hauled anything like what these folks have in their vehicles.

  Comments | By - December 28, 2016

Dodge Dakota With a V-10 Viper Engine!

America is all about the freedom to do whatever the hell you want, especially if it means putting the engine from a Dodge Viper in the body of a Dodge Dakota.

  Comments | By - December 27, 2016

9 Dodge/Ram Trucks Bringing the Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and if you look around you’ll see Dodge and Ram trucks helping it get here. Be they hauling trees, helping Santa get to the mall, delivering a truckload of gifts, or just taking the family to grandma’s house while decked …

  Comments | By - December 23, 2016

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