2011 Dodge Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

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11_cc_photogallery_12.jpgThe 2011 Dodge Ram 5500 Chassis Cab is a Dodge Ram diesel offered in three different models: Laramie, ST and SLT. Dodge is known for its rugged, hard performing trucks and this series is no different. With three models to choose from, there are options to customize the truck to fit specific needs.


True to their previous trucks, the 5500 Chassis Cab Series will come stock with a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel. Combined with a six-speed manual transmission and a diesel exhaust brake, this truck can perform under the toughest conditions. This engine boasts 305HP and 610 foot pounds of torque. It comes with a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty to help protect the truck from day one. A BioDiesel package is available to fleet customers. Both a manual and automatic six-speed transmission are available with this engine.

Emissions Requirements

Dodge is meeting the new emissions requirements by equipping the trucks in this series with Diesel Exhaust Fluid injection system and a Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst.


Dodge offers an extra large superior anti-lock brake system specially designed for heavy loads. Because Dodge Ram trucks are known for their use in towing, the 2011 Dodge Ram Diesel also has trailer brake controls to help the trailer stop, minimize wear on your truck brakes, and prevent damage.


The 2011 Dodge Ram Diesel 5500 Chassis Cab Series is made even more work friendly with an interior built for work and comfort. With a variety of storage throughout the cab you can keep your business organized and on track. Some of the interior storage includes:

-Center Console w/ 12-volt outlet
-Available 60/40 seat split
-Removable Utility Bin
-Utility Hooks

Also featured with the interior is a roomy cab to seat up to six adults and stain resistant fabrics. The four side doors make it easy for everyone to get in and out, and the standard child seat anchors in the back seat mean the family can load up too.


The 5500 Chassis Cab comes in a couple of exterior options including a flat bed and dump truck design. It also features folding tow mirrors and chrome cross hair grille which offers additional engine cooling. The signature Ram design gives you everything you want in the Ram trucks you trust. The classic 34″ frame offers the stability you need for uplifting. The 5500 trucks are well-equipped with three tire combinations to choose from for the ultimate performance. Chose from Continental traction or steering tires and configure the tires the way you see fit. All tires are mounted on a 19.5″ Steel Wheel.


As mentioned, there are three models available in the 5500 Chassis Cab. The Laramie is mainly described here, while the others offer a single cab. Both start at $27,890 with a large range of options and upgrades available. Upgrades include the upfits available. You can opt for a dump truck, aerial, or stake bed.


Overall the 2011 Dodge Ram Chassis Cab Series is not to be missed, If you’re in the market for a new work truck, or something for heavy duty play, this is the truck for you. The optimal sleek design inside make it a truck that’s very easy on the eyes. The high safety ratings mean whether you’re hauling your work crew or going for a leisurely drive, you know everyone is safe in your truck.

Dodge Ram diesel trucks are among the most heavy duty and well-respected trucks around. They continue their excellence with this series and will likely continue to do so well into the future.

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