Air Lift Company Announces the Release of WirelessONE On-Board Air Compressor System

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Air Lift Company announced today the release of WirelessONE, a technologically advanced, easy to use on-board air compressor system that allows for the inflation and deflation of a vehicle’s air springs with the press of a button.

WirelessONE eliminates the need to locate a gas station air
compressor to inflate a vehicle’s air springs. This one-touch control
is extremely convenient when a driver changes the load of the vehicle
and wants to quickly change the air spring pressure.

wireless remote allows drivers to make air spring pressure adjustments
in full view of their vehicle. WirelessONE provides 3 different memory
settings for frequently used air pressure settings; for example, one
setting for pulling an RV, a second setting for towing a boat and a
third for a work trailer. Drivers can change the backlight color on the
remote to match the color of the vehicle’s gauge cluster. The wireless
remote can be clipped to the visor. Learn more about WirelessONE.

includes a standard duty on-board air compressor, manifold, wiring
harness, air lines, wireless remote and all the hardware needed to
easily install the system. The air compressor mounts easily to the
vehicle’s frame and attaches to an air line that runs to the air
springs. The integrated manifold and wiring harness help speed
installation. The manifold is weather resistant and waterproof up to 2
feet for maximum life expectancy and harsh climates.

WirelessONE, no running of air lines to the vehicle’s cab through the
firewall is necessary, which speeds and simplifies installation. The
system is easily installed with common hand tools in under 2 hours.
Installation services are also available at one of Air Lift’s many
installers. Find them on Air Lift’s website.

as well as all other Air Lift on-board air compressor systems, work
with any brand of air springs. All Air Lift compressor systems include a
2 year warranty and an industry exclusive 60 Day

Air adjustable from 5 to
100 PSI, Air Lift air spring kits increase safety and comfort by
helping to level and stabilize vehicles when towing or hauling heavy
loads. A level, stable vehicle results in better braking, steering,
headlight aim and also reduces sway, “porpoising”, and bottoming out.
Just add air when loaded and reduce air pressure when riding unloaded.

Lift Company, founded in 1949, is a third generation, family owned
suspension specialty company based in Lansing, Michigan. Air Lift is
committed to engineering, manufacturing and selling the highest quality
suspension products that fit, work and last. Air Lift products are
available at retailers across the country as well as internationally.
For more information, contact Air Lift Company by calling (800)
248-0892, or on the Web at

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