BangShift: This is the Craziest Street-Legal Monster Dually We’ve Ever Seen

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Yes, this is apparently a street legal truck in Ohio. We need to move to Ohio. This nearly 11′ tall 2003 Dodge Ram dually sports an astounding six 54″ Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires and a pretty unbelievable 28″ of lift to make it all happen. No, you’re not calling up Skyjacker or any other outfit to bolt on that kind of altitude, and when you look at the photos, you’ll see some of the custom work that went into getting this truck to scrape the clouds as it does now.

The engine, trans, and rear end are apparently stock pieces with the rear end having been narrowed down so that the enormous tires (4 wide!) wouldn’t hang too far outside of the confines of the dually fenders. The rear wheels are custom 20″ diameter pieces which are 11″ wide and the fronts are 20x12s from XM. The narrowing of the rear end can best be seen in the couple of shots aimed directly at the back of the truck. You’ll see that the rear leaf springs have been moved inboard to about the width of the pumpkin! We have no idea how this truck rides but that just looks totally weird to us. With the track width this dually has, we’d not expect rolling over to be a problem, but seeing the huge leafs that close together just struck us as weird to the power of 100. 

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