Barn Find of the Year: 150 Never-Driven Neons For Sale

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neon-barn-find.jpgby Adam Pockross

Barn Finds not only bring out the inner archaeologist in all
of us, they can bring about some pretty smoking deals too. That might be the
case with this giant barn find from Singapore: 150 never-been-driven
Chrysler Neons, just collecting dust for the last 14 years (the Neon was
branded as a Chrysler overseas). So just what do you think one of these
mothball scented gems is worth? 

If you guessed $1,350 bucks, then COME ON DOWN! You should play yourself some
Price Is Right.

And really, which one of you isn’t thinking about bidding? Or what about buying the whole slew of ’em and starting your own racing series?

Sure they
don’t have radios, might need a new battery, probably need some fluid swapped
and fuel lines flushed. And yeah, you have no idea what the transmission is or
what the interior looks like. And of course you’ll have to pay for shipping from
Singapore. But what the heck, it’s a NEW CAR! Kind of.

So, what would you pay? Shout off in the Forums!

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