Because it’s Never Too Late: The Top 5 Dodges of SEMA 2011

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600DSC_0011.jpgby Patrick Rall

For this year’s SEMA show, the Chrysler Group’s Mopar division put together two massive displays, one inside and one outside, both packed full of gorgeous modern and vintage Chrysler Group vehicles.  In addition to those vehicles in the Mopar indoor display or the Mopar Midway running between the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South and Central Hall, a great many exhibitors bring out some great examples of Mopar muscle cars (and trucks). Because of such a vast representation of Mopar madness, it took us a while to get through all the goods, but since we’re nothing less than thorough, we’ve picked out a definitive (see subjective) lineup of the best Dodge products from this year’s show.

Best SEMA Dodge #5 >>>>>>>>>

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