Black Friday: 2005 Cummins Ram Rolls Coal, Slays Tires on a Narrow Bridge

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bf 05 ram ctd burnout 600

This week’s Black Friday feature takes a look at a modded up 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine in some smokey burnout action that is both preceded and accompanied by some serious coal rollin’. This Cummins Ram has a long mod list that includes a new turbocharger, fuel system upgrades, a good tune, huge stacks and an aftermarket clutch – all of which work together to allow this big Ram to put on a major smoke show.

This Cummins powered Dodge Ram starts by backing along the narrow bridge and spewing thick black soot out of the stacks as the turbo spools up and shortly after the black smoke begins to dim – white smoke begins to billow from the rear tires.  The burnout looks like it might be coming to an end as the rearend of the Ram slides over against the low wall of the tiny bridge but that doesn’t stop this Ram from continuing to destroy the rear tires as he drifts past the cameraman.

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