Black Friday: 3g Ram Hoons It Up On Road and Off

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ctd ram hoon bf 600

This week’s Black Friday feature takes a look at a modified 3rd gen Dodge Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel as the driver hoons it up in the grass and on a paved road.  In addition to some basic coal rollin’, this Ram blasts into the high grass and gets to spinning, kicking up dirt and grass as the truck bounces through the weeds.  After pulling out of the grass to make room for a buddy in a gas powered Ram 1500, this 3500 Cummins Ram heads onto the paved road for some crazy smokey doughnuts.

While this video doesn’t have as much diesel soot as many of our Black Friday clips, the combination of black smoke, tire smoke and the general hell raising in the grass makes this CTD Ram well deserving of being featured on the DF Front Page.  Not surprisingly, this big bad Ram sounds great so make sure to have your speakers cranked up when you enjoy this video!

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