Black Fridays: 2g Cummins Ram Rolls Coal and Smokes the Tires

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2g cummins ram burnout 600

I love watching burnouts and there are few burnouts that are nastier than those performed by Dodge Ram heavy duty models powered by the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine.  When the turbo of a Cummins spools up and gets the tires turning, these oil burning Rams create smoke like a pro drag car – usually under a massive plume of diesel exhaust smoke.  This week’s Black Friday clip features one such Cummins Ram and while this 2g Ram doesn’t make the most soot we have seen, the combination of exhaust smoke and tire smoke makes for one awesome video.

Like many of our diesel burnout videos, this clip begins with a Dodge Ram heavy duty pickup spooling up the turbo ahead of the big burnout and that allows this modded up Cummins to spew some serious soot. After a few seconds of spool time, the back tires begin to spin and after a quick shift – the tires really get to roasting.  The driver sits in one place and lets the tires get good and smokey before letting the truck roll away with the tires continuing to billow smoke.

This Ram sounds great so many sure to have your speakers turned up when watching this Black Friday feature!

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