Black Fridays: 2g Cummins Ram Soots It Up European Style

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black friday cummins ram in europe 600

This week’s Black Friday clip features a 2nd generation Dodge Ram 2500 powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel rolling coat and then smoldering the rear tires with German captions that lead me to believe that this is taking place somewhere outside of the US.  I know that Dodge Ram trucks are very popular in Europe so I am guessing that this clip was filmed outside of the US but in any case, it is a great video of a Cummins Ram turning the sky black and a few seconds later – it begins to roast the rear tires.

This Cummins Ram clip is the best of both worlds for a diesel truck lover with the first 20 seconds being comprised of some serious coal rollin’ followed by a ten second long rolling burnout where the torque of the Cummins diesel simply blows the tires away – turning the beefy truck tires into a pair of long black strips on the ground.  Hopefully, this Ram is in Europe somewhere so that people all around the world can be privy to the smokey greatness that is the Cummins powered Ram Heavy Duty.  Enjoy!

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