Black Fridays: 2g Ram Rolls Coal with a Purpose

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bf pulling ram rolls coat 600

Many of our Black Friday feature pickups are just rolling coal for the purpose of showing off how much smoke they can make but the 2nd generation Cummins powered Ram in this week’s video is participating in a truck pull – with the massive amounts of smoke pouring for the single stack coming as a pleasant consequence of the hard working Cummins.

Even if the Cummins Ram in action in the video below wasn’t hooked up to a sled, this would be a great video due to the heavy dose of diesel soot and the simple fact that this 2g Ram is so great looking but seeing one of these purpose built pulling trucks in action is a thing of beauty.  While the stack poking through the hood might make daily driving a bit awkward, this great looking Ram appears to be one that would be as comfortable as a truck show as it is in the dirt while hooked to the sled so it is clear that this sharp looking, coal-rolling Ram is more than worthy of being featured here on!

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