Chrysler to Introduce Electric Vehicles to Dealerships

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Chrysler has announced that in late September 2008, three
vehicles will be shown to the dealerships, and all three of these vehicles are
said to be “production capable” electric vehicles.  As a company, Chrysler has been slower to
actively jump into the hybrid game, with Honda, Toyota, and General Motors being the most
publicly vocal about their programs, but Chrysler has plans to join GM with not
one, but three plug-in models.


This is not a complete shock, as it was only a matter of
time before Chrysler and Dodge jumped into the ring, and with the release of
the Dodge Zeo Concept at the 2008 North American International Auto Show
(NAIAS), they showed that they were already elbow deep in R&D.  The Zeo is powered by lithium-ion batteries
and uses no other fuel source, having an advertised range of up to 250 miles;
the styling may have been a bit too much for the average hybrid shopper.

There was very little information given as to what class of
vehicle these new plug-ins might be, but with three vehicles that could all see
production according to Chrysler’s Jim Press, one would think that they will be
in different classes.  We will find out
later this month what the new face of Chrysler could be as the market shifts
towards EVs and other alternative powered vehicles.

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