Cool Thread of the Day: 3rd gen Dodge Dakota Muffler Discussion Thread

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One of the quickest, easiest and most significant first modifications that you can make on any vehicle is a muffler swap and in our 3rd generation Dodge Dakota section, we have a thread with a poll that asks owners to share what muffler choice they are running.  This poll includes a collection of popular muffler brands including the likes of Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Cherry Bomb and more – as well as providing the option of a total muffler delete.

In addition to asking Dodge Dakota owners what muffler brand they went with on their trucks, this thread is also chock full of insight into those brands.  Some members love the way that their Dakota sounds with the aftermarket muffler while others are quick to voice their displeasure with some brands.  Best of all, several Dakota owners have included videos of their trucks with the new muffler setup – proving a chance for others to hear what the different brands sound like on the 3rd gen Dakota.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Dodge Dakota section to share your own muffler swap experiences or to see what other owners think of certain muffler options on their Dakota.

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