Cool Thread of the Day: Check Out a Fully Plastidipped Dodge Ram

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plastidipped ram 600

We have plenty of members here on DodgeForum who have Plastidipped their wheels or other small components of their car or truck but DFer bassjake took it one step further, coating his entire Dodge Ram 1500 in black Plastidip.  In addition to the wheels, the roll bar, the front push bar and the bumpers, bassjake painted the entire body of his Ram is Plastidip black.  The result is a blacked out Ram that looks super aggressive and this project likely cost far less than a full matte black paint job.

Plastidipping has become all the rage in the automotive world as this unique coating applies like spray paint yet it is more forgiving so anything that you want to paint matte black can be finished in Plastidipped with great success but this is the first time that I have seen an entire truck coated in the sturdy matte finish.  While this might not be for everyone, I think that bassjake’s Dodge Ram looks great all murdered out and best of all, Plastidip is easy enough to work with that he could probably peel the paint back off if he decides that he doesn’t like the matte black look.  I know several people who have Plastidipped their chrome rims only to peel it off a few months later and you can’t tell that they were every anything but chrome.

For a closer look at bassjake’s Ram in larger pictures, click here to head into our Members’ Rides section!

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