Cool Thread of the Day: 3g Durango Pictorial Roll Call

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3g durango show thread

The Dodge Durango has always been one of the best SUVs in the American market in terms of power and performance but there is no question that when the second generation Durango debuted for the 2004 model year, it departed from the sporty curves that made the model so popular when first introduced.  Fortunately, the introduction of the 3rd generation Durango for the 2011 model year brought about an exterior design that is big, bold, sporty and very muscular.  This total redesign has made the Durango one of the most popular large SUVs sold in America and here on DodgeForum – we have members who proudly own some of the best looking Durangos in the country.  (Several of which are shown in this posting)

Luckily, there is a 46 page long thread in the 3g Durango section that has a massive collection of images showing off these great looking stock and customized Dodge SUVs so grab a drink and a snack and click here to  check out the 3g Durango Roll Call thread!


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