Dodge Caravan Pickup is a Crime Against Humanity

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Dodge Caravan truck

Someone in Rhode Island answered a question nobody ever asked: ‘What would a Dodge Caravan look like turned into a truck?’

This baffling monstrosity from the Facebook Marketplace has been popping up all over the place. Jalopnik has dubbed it the “Caratruck” and that sums the conversion up perfectly. According to the seller’s listing, “This Is A One Of A Kind You Will Never See Another One Like This.” Hopefully, that is the case. In online tuner culture, you’ll often come across the demand to, “Respect all builds.” It’s a nice sentiment, but sometimes people make it very hard to live by those words.

From what we can see, someone has chopped the Dodge Caravan up and used the top of the rear end to form the rounded cab. The end result looks like a 1980’s concept of a futuristic truck that got tossed in the trash because it looks incredibly silly. The seller describes his Caratruck as being a head turner and, technically speaking, he’s quite correct. We’re just not sure we would appreciate the kind of attention it must get.

Dodge caravan truck

Unlike a lot of truck conversions we come across, this actually looks to be finished properly around the edges. However, it’s hard to tell if whoever did it paid any attention to structural rigidity. The Caravan is a unibody vehicle, so our suspicion is that driving it around a corner would be less than ideal. Or, if the hatch is accidentally left up, then it’s probably a complete and utter calamity.

We may never know the reasoning behind this project. Granted, we’ve seen many battered old Dodge Caravans used as trucks but, once a sofa has been moved, you can put the seats up and continue to use a minivan to transport people. With the Caratruck, that sofa had probably better not be too heavy and only one kid at a time will be going to soccer practice.

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