Super Bowl Ad Shows Dodge SRT Lineup Raising Pure Hell in Atlanta

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Trio of savage Mopars scorch the pavement and belt out beautiful supercharged howls to one of the greatest country tunes of all time. 

Dodge’s newest commercial, entitled “Big Game Blitz” takes the SRT lineup and lets ’em loose in Georgia. The ad is a clever play on The Charlie Daniels Band classic song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The cars hit the streets in Atlanta ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl in the above video from the official Dodge Youtube page. The Challenger Hellcat, Charger Hellcat, and Durango drive in wild precision, basically saying to their competitors, we’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret, ’cause we’re the best there’s ever been.

The commercial is very cool. It blends in pre-game thrills of a marching band and fiddle player with incredible footage of Dodge cars pulling off some sweet maneuvers in Atlanta. The Challenger SRT Hellcat kicks things off. It’s menacing, badass, and launching and drifting like the devil in disguise.

Dodge SRT lineup in Super Bowl LLII Ad

Next, a band of demons join in for some pre-Super Bowl fun.

Dodge SRT lineup in Super Bowl LLII Ad

The Charger and Durango each get a chance to shine, and show off their exceptional style, capability, and attitude. Together, this trio is stunning, they show us how it’s done.

In the end, the fiddle player says “Let’s start this show, Georgia.” This spot gets you hyped for the big game, and gives the SRT lineup a chance to strut their stuff.

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