Hellcat Charger Stomps a Nissan GTR in a High Speed Roll Race

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Japan’s greatest performance car is no match for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in a series of high speed roll races.

In the history of Japanese supercars, none have offered the extreme levels of performance of the Nissan GTR in stock form, but the car known as Godzilla is an even bigger beast when owners get to modifying them. As a result, the GTR has become one of the most feared performance cars in many forms of motorsports, but as the video above shows – a modded GTR is no challenge for a modded Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

This video comes to us from the YouTube channel of SDRperformance / fairbird and it features a pair of high speed roll races between a Hellcat Charger and a Nissan GTR. The Charger has been modified by adding a 2.65 upper pulley, a 10% lower pulley and an E85 tune while the Nissan GTR has “full bolt-ons” and an E85 tune of its own. We don’t have power numbers on either car, but we know that the Charger is heavier and rear wheel drive while the GTR is a bit lighter and it has the traction advantage of all-wheel drive.

Vlad's Hellcat Charger

The video begins with an in-car view of the Hellcat Charger pulling away from the GTR and as the cameraman pans from the front windows to the rear, we can see that the Dodge sedan also has the baby seat mod, which doesn’t add any power, but it does add a bit of cool factor. After all, this is a Dodge sedan with room for a baby seat beating Japan’s greatest supercar.

Since the in-car view doesn’t give us a great look at the races themselves, this video includes a trackside view of the runs as well and in each, we can see that the worked Hellcat Charger comfortably stomps the built Nissan GTR each time – reminding us all that the world’s fastest sedan is also capable of beating some of the world’s greatest supercars.

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