Mopar Muscle Thursday: 9 Second Dodge Shadow Rocks the Quarter Mile

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9 second shadow 600

While there were some high performance turbocharged packages for the Dodge Shadow, converting these tiny coupes to rear wheel drive and mounting a V8 has become popular for those Mopar lovers who are looking to go very, very fast.  This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday feature takes a look at one of those rear drive converted P Body coupes roaring down the quarter mile in the mid 9 second range.

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t offer any information on what type of drivetrain is shoehorned into the diminutive engine bay of the Dodge Shadow but the few engine shots that we get have me believing that this is some variant of a Mopar Big Block V8 based on the distributor location.  Regardless of what engine is tucked under the huge pro stock style hood scoop, this is one seriously fast little Dodge Shadow with a time of 9.68 seconds and a trap speed of 138.53 miles per hour.

This video also has great production value, showing the Dodge Shadow being prepped for the race and as the car rips down the quarter mile, we get a great look at this super modified and super powerful Dodge compact in action inside and out.


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