Mopar Muscle Thursday: Big Block ’72 Plymouth Roadrunner Rips Up the Front Wheels

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72 roadrunner burnout 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday brings you an obviously built up 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner powered by an unspecified big block Mopar V8 in action on the drag strip.  We don’t get to see what this Mopar monster is running against nor do we get to see what it ran in the quarter mile but we do get to see this Roadrunner do a quick, hard burnout that allowed it to get some serious traction – serious enough traffic to rip the front wheels off of the ground when the light turns green.

While I usually prefer to show off Mopar muscle cars completing the entire quarter mile pass including the elapsed time and quarter mile, I love watching a big block monster like this one yank the front wheels when the car leaves the line.  Big block Mopar V8s are all about big torque and the wheels up launch by the Roadrunner is an exhibit of power by this bright blue 72 Plymouth.

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