Mopar Muscle Thursday: Watch This 1964 Plymouth Drag Car Stand on the Bumper

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64 plymouth wheelstander 600

Today’s Mopar Muscle Thursday clip takes a look at a gorgeous 1964 Plymouth Savoy on the drag strip in match racing action at the 2008 Chrysler Classic race in Columbus.  I happened to be part of that race and along with that weekend, I have seen this particular 64 Plymouth run many times and it is a treat each and every time.  Not only do we get to see this high performance Plymouth stand on the back bumper as it leaves the line but we also get a shot of the launch from two down-track angles.

Unfortunately, we do not get to see what this monster 64 Plymouth runs in the quarter mile but having seen this car run quite a few times, I believe that he runs through the traps in the 9 second range.  In addition to the big wheels up start, this clip has a great lead in segment that allows you to hear the 426 cubic inch Mopar Max Wedge big block rumbling its way up to the line so crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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