Muddy Monday: 1979 Dodge D100 Slings Mud with Half Gas, Half Diesel

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79 d100 mudding 600

This week’s Muddy Monday clip takes a look at an unloved 1979 Dodge D100 pickup powered by a 225 cubic inch slant six as it plays in the mud while running on a 50/50 mix of gasoline and diesel.  In looking at this truck, I am guessing that it is a rear wheel drive Dodge D100 and the 30 car batteries in the bed are likely helping it to get some traction as the driver slops around in the mud.  A coupe minutes into the video, it appears as though the Dodge is stuck – but it digs its way out and continues to attack the mud puddles in what appears to be some sort of junkyard/mud pit combo.

There is no question that the owner/driver of the Dodge D100 in action in this video doesn’t love his truck as much as we do but when you have an old, beat up Dodge truck with no headlights and a tank full of 50/50 gas and diesel mix – what better option than to go out and play in the mud?   I cannot think of anything.  Crank up your speakers, not so that you can hear the roar of the Mopar slant six but rather to hear this Dodge handle this brutal beating like a champ.  Enjoy!

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