Muddy Monday: 1st Gen Cummins Ram Tackles a Deep Mud Hole

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w250 in the mud 600

This week’s Muddy Monday clip features a hard working 1990 Dodge Ram W250 powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel tackling what looks at first to be a pretty mild puddle. However, once this Ram gets into the water, we see that this is way, way more than just a puddle in the road. Only a few feet into the slop, the tires of this Ram are under water and the Cummins power is working hard to sling mud and water everywhere…at which point we realize just how deep of a mudhole this Ram has found.

Fortunately, with the help of some big mud tires, an extensive lift kit and the Cummins engine, this 1990 Ram W250 is able to dig its way to the other side of the hole. Of course, it takes a few runs and quite a bit of backing up – but in the end our hero defeats the slop as this hardcore Ram climbs out of the mud.

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