Muddy Monday: 9 Minutes of Muddy 1st Gen Dodge Ram Abuse

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mm 1st gen ram deep mud 600

This week’s Muddy Monday clip features a 1st generation Dodge Ram 1500 digging its way in and out of what looks to be one of the nastiest mud pits we have seen.  While it is technically mud it appears to be as thick as wet cement while also being deep enough to bury the huge mud tires on this jacked up Ram.  We don’t know anything about the truck, but it has clearly been lifted a bit to add extra ground clearance and to make room for those huge mud tires – while the roar of what I expect to be a big block Mopar V8 suggests that there has been some engine performance work done as well.

At over 9 minutes long, this Dodge Ram mudding video is lengthy but it is a great example of how tough the mighty Ram is and was back in the 1970s and 1980s.  During the course of the clip, the driver manages to slowly work that Ram back and forth in the mud, allowing him to creep ever closer to the far bank each time.  Unfortunately, the video ends before this old school Ram reaches the other side, but in terms of Muddy Monday videos, it doesn’t get a whole lot muddier than this.  Enjoy!

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