Muddy Mondays: 2g Ram Crawls Out of the Mud and Over the Rocks

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rock crawling 2g ram 600

This week’s Muddy Monday features strays from the norm a bit as the 2nd gen Dodge Ram 1500 shown in action is driving on a rock covered concrete slab.  Technically, he isn’t playing in the mud so much as he is rock crawling but we can clear tell that this truck has been playing the massive amounts of mud in the background by just how muddy this Ram is while fording the small boulders.  This 2 Ram isn’t mudding but it is certainly muddy – and a change of pace is nice once in a while.

A big part of offroading is being able to climb up and over large objects so this 2g Ram 1500 shows that it can tackle some monster obstacles in addition to storming through deep mud.  Lots of offroaders like to find a picture of a rock to park on and take pictures but this Ram took that a step further – climbing up several levels of rocks onto the top of a three tier platform.  Unfortunately, the video has music playing over it so we cant hear this Ram roar and the water drops on the camera lens never go away but this is still a great example of a hardworking Ram getting it done in the world of offroading.

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