Muddy Mondays: Hard Working Dodge Ram Digs Itself Out

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working ram mud 600

The vast majority of the Dodge Ram, Dakota, Durango and even the occasional Dodge cars that we feature on Muddy Monday are just out playing in the mud for the sake of having a sloppy good time.  This week’s Muddy Monday Dodge Ram is actually just a truck out doing some work in the fields when it gets in mud a touch too deep.

I would imagine that most Ram 1500 pickups would have no problem climbing out of this fairly shallow mud between rows of crops under normal circumstances but we can see as this video begins that this Ram is hooked up to a trailer.  Towards the end of the video, we see that this trailer it not only quite large – but it is also loaded a bit so this Ram is pulling a pretty heavy trailer while trying to get through the mud.

When the video first begins, it appears as though this 3rd gen Dodge Ram 1500 is going to be stuck in the mud but with a little sawing of the wheel and some hardcore mud slinging by the Hemi engine and a set of Nitto Mud Grapplers, this Ram was able to get unstuck and get back to work.

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