Muddy Mondays: Plymouth Acclaim Meets a Dirty Demise

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mm plymouth acclaim offroading 600

There is no back story to this week’s Muddy Monday feature but with a title like “Death of a Plymouth Acclaim” and the setting of an offroading area – you know that it has to be good.  Oddly, this isnt just a couple guys out destroying a car as the Acclaim has obviously been prepped a great deal including what looks to be a full roll cage but the result is actually a pretty impressive offroad outing for the front wheel drive sedan.

This video is over 6 minutes long but all of the exciting Plymouth Acclaim off roading action takes place in the early parts of the video (before the guys shooting the video put handfuls of sand into the valve cover to blow the engine).  The good portions of this piece show the Acclaim tearing around an area that would probably be a lot more fun in a four wheel drive truck or SUV but the little Plymouth sedan does pretty well for itself.  At one point, the car appears to be up to the axles in dirt and while the driver can’t go forward – he effortlessly backs away from the hole that he had dug.

While there technically isnt any mud in this video, the off roading effort put forth by this Plymouth Acclaim as it drives its final miles makes this clip more than worthy of being featured here on  The video ends sadly with fire spitting from the top of the engine but as front wheel drive sedans go – this Acclaim makes for one great off roading video.  Enjoy!


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