October Car and Truck of the Month, BadStratRT and RaiderJay6

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Congratulations to both RaiderJay6 and BadStratRT for
winning the truck and car of the month for October 2008. 

RaiderJay6’s 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab
edged out HammerZ71’s Ram and Johnnymagnum’s Ram. 

BadStratRT’s 1972 Dodge Demon 340 won over
Nate 0022’s Stratus and Izero’s Neon. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and who voted in DodgeForum’s
Ride of the Month! For more information
and pictures about this month’s winning vehicles, click the link below!

RaiderJay6’s Write-up

Basically I have gotten rid of all the chrome on the
exterior of the truck and replaced it with painted parts. The rear of the truck
is lowered 2″ so it sits level and I have a set or SRT Night Runner 22’s
for wheels. I plan on getting more power out of the truck in the future. Right
now I have a Superchips tuner, Corsa cat back exhaust and a Ram Hammer CAI
along with synthetic oil. I originally had an 02 Ram QC 4×4 with a 4.7 and saw
this truck on Ebay for such an amazing deal my wife and I drove 12 hours to
Indiana to trade in the 02 and get this 07 and I am so glad I did. This is the
first brand new vehicle I have owned.



BadStratRT’s Write-up

This 1972 Dodge Demon 340 was a wedding gift from my wife,
Amanda.  We had been looking for a
‘muscle era car’ at events like the Mopar Nationals, but the ridiculous prices
kept us from buying, and that turned out to be a lucky break when my Dad called
and told me that he found a guy with a Demon 340 to sell.  It had been sitting for over 20 years, so we
didn’t expect much of it (my Dad hadn’t actually seen the car either), but as
soon as the owner opened the doors, Amanda and I knew that this was the
car.  It was a roller, with no engine or
trans, although the two uhaul trucks of parts that came with the car included a
junk trans and motor, the motor was junk and the trans needed rebuilt.


Luckily, we had an extra block for the Mirada sitting
around, as well as a variety of older stuff from the Mirada, so the Demon
turned into the ultimate budget build. 
Our goal was to have it set up so that it would run in the 13s, and be a
gentle street cruiser, so that we could drive it to far events.  It took two years of building and hunting for
odd parts here and there, but in July, the Demon made its first track passes,
and it was quicker than we expected, turning in the 13.50s.  It made its sort of grand debut at the 2008
Mopar Nationals, and on the trip home, it got around 16mpg!


The next modification is going to be the wheels.  With winter approaching, we’ve put off buying
the new wheels until spring, and come next year it will be getting a set of
black Cragars.  After the wheels, we hope
to get some new bumpers.  I’m not into
chrome, and the chrome on the stock bumpers isn’t in great shape.  Rather than buying new chrome bumpers for 300
a piece, Im considering lightweight bumpers. 
We are so happy with the car, that there isn’t much planned for it other
than the wheels and bumpers, but I could see doing some work to the engine, as
it’s not far from stock right now. 
Amanda and I would like to thank Bob George Racing for their help with
the car, and most importantly, we want to thank my Mom and Dad, as without him
not only would the Demon have taken me years to finish on my own, but without
the things that he has taught me over the years I wouldn’t be in the position
that I am right now, and we certainly wouldn’t have our awesome lineup of
vehicles.  We want to thank my Mom for
her help and opinions in buying and picking up the Demon, and of course I want
to thank her for putting up with an eternity of cars and parts packing her




Stock Internals

509 Mopar Purple Shaft

1973 340 cylinder heads, port matched

Edelbrock LD340 intake manifold

750 Holley carb

Hooker Super Competition Headers

Flowmaster 40s

Full 3″ Exhaust

Stock Ignition



727 with improved internals and a 300 stall, prepared by Bob
George Racing



Mopar 8.75 with 3.23 Sure Grip


Exterior and Interior:

1971 Dodge Demon Grille

Fiberglass front fenders

Challenger T/A Style Fiberglass Hood

Lightweight Race Seats with Harnesses

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