Question of the Week: Do you still want to see a Dodge Charger Coupe?

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2014 Dodge Charger 100th Anniversary Edition

When the modern Dodge Charger was introduced back in 2005, a great many Mopar enthusiasts were outraged that the Charger name was applied to a full size sedan.  Even though the modern Charger will comfortably crush almost any vintage Charger (stock for stock) in almost any racing venue (drag racing, road racing, etc), there were years on DF where members were more than happy to voice their displeasure with the fact that the Charger was a 4-door sedan.

Now that the Dodge Charger has proven itself to be one of the best performance sedans sold in America – which has helped the Charger become one of the Chrysler Group’s bestselling cars – do you still think that there should be a Charger Coupe?  Keep in mind, a Charger coupe would likely be nothing more than a Challenger with a different front and rear end (considering that the Challenger is so closely based on the Charger in terms of chassis, interior, engines, etc) so there is almost no chance of a Charger coupe ever seeing production but would you be more inclined to buy a Charger coupe than a Charger sedan or Challenger?

Click here to head into the forum to share your thoughts on a Dodge Charger coupe as the Charger sedan enters its 9th year as one of the company’s most successful vehicles.

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