SRT Motorsports to introduce new 2013 Dodge Dart race program next week!

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MP012_030DG.jpgDodgeForum just received a note that next week, Dodge and
SRT Motorsports will hold a conference to introduce “a new race venture”
featuring the 2013 Dodge Dart and a new driver to the Mopar race team.  This announcement marks the introduction of
the brand new dodge Dart to the motorsports world and while there is zero
indication as to what type of racing this new venture could be, we can make
some speculations as to what SRT Motorsports will unveil next week.

To consider what type of racing will play host to the new
2013 Dodge Dart race car, we should look at the possible types of racing that
are out there. 

The Dart race car
obviously isn’t going into NASCAR with the Charger and Challenger occupying
those racing series for SRT Motorsports but another mainstream possibility would be the
NHRA drag racing world.  When the Dodge
Neon existed in the late 90s and early 2000s, the NHRA Pro Stock teams piloting
Dodge vehicles used the Neon and with the Dart filling the shoes of the Neon –
perhaps the Dart will replace the Avenger and be the next Mopar drag car.  However, with the Pro Stock class being
heavily modified rear wheel drive vehicles, the NHRA wouldn’t offer much
potential to show off the production performance of the new compact sedan.  At the same time…the NHRA wouldn’t be a new
venture as Mopar has dominated the ranks of the drag racing world since the
dawn of the original Hemi.

The other possibility is that the 2013 Dodge Dart will be
modified for use in one of the up-and-coming racing types such as time attack
or rally racing.  These racing leagues
allow for a wide variety of different engines and drivetrain configurations so
aside from basic modifications for race use, the 2013 Dart could help the SRT Motorsport
division climb into the ranks of the rally or time attack world with vehicles similar to production models.  This would also help ensure the coming of a future
SRT model based on the new Dodge Dart.

Click here to head into our racing section and tell us what kind of racing will get the new Dart!

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