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Best of SEMA: Shelby Cobra Number One

Carol Shelby’s racing career was derailed due to injuries. But he went on to build cars which challenged and beat mighty Ferrari on some of the most demanding circuits in the world. This the the first Cobra Shelby ever made, and while I think it’s kind of pretentious to rope off a car at SEMA–we’re […] More »

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Best of SEMA: Richard Petty’s Challenger

Richard Petty is the King, and there’s no getting around that his ’72 Challenger looks totally bad-ass. A couple of years back I actually spotted Petty walking through the show, and he was super-cool to all the people who approached him. And if he was upset at not being able to travel more than a […] More »

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Best of SEMA: a Real-Life Hot Wheels Car

It’s not like the Hot Wheels thing hasn’t been done before, but you have to give GM credit for bringing the track too–even if it was made out of fabric. The inspiration for this stunner came from the original set of Hot Wheels cars from the ’60s, and it looked great parked at the end […] More »

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Best of SEMA: the DecoLiner

Like a lot of the coolest stuff at SEMA, the DecoLiner was out in the parking lot, so even the great unwashed–meaning anyone without a badge–could check it out. It’s billed as “Flash Gordon’s Motorhome,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe this creation. Builder Randy Grubb and the Blastolene crew used […] More »

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