Tech Thread Spotlight: 1st Gen Dodge Durango Suspension Squeak Fix

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1st durango 600

Do you have an annoying squeak coming from the underside of your Dodge Durango?  So do lots of people and we have a thread in our first generation Durango section that looks at the various causes of said annoying squeak along with some remedies on how to remedy those problems.  Unfortunately, there are a variety of issues that can cause this problem including bad ball joints, bad tie rod ends, bad shock bushings and bad sway bar bushings but the Durango gurus here at have you covered.

In addition to explaining what can cause the annoying creaking noise in the front suspension components of the first gen Durango, this thread has a brief discussion on how some members have fixed the problems along with links to threads that specifically deal with each of the most common causes of front suspension creaking or squeaking.  Even if you don’t have a 1st gen Durango, many of these problems are common among lots of other vehicles so this thread could be helpful to more than just 1998-2003 Durango owners.

Click here to head into the Durango front end noise thread for more information and remember – if this doesn’t answer your question, you can always post in the thread and seek the information of those members who have helped in the past!

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