Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Clean Your Ram’s Idle Air Control Valve

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IAC 600

Have you noticed that the engine in your Dodge Ram pickup is idling oddly while the truck is sitting at a stop – either in gear, in neutral or in park?  If you, there is a good chance that your Ram’s Idle Air Control valve (IAC) is dirty and it is unable to send the proper signals to your truck’s computer to keep things running smoothly when you’re not moving.  Fortunately, cleaning the IAC can be done easily at home with just the simplest tools and a can of carb cleaner.

DodgeForum member stev put together a DIY on how to remove and clean up the Idle Air Control valve for a Dodge Ram Van with the 3.9L v6 or either the 5.2 or 5.9L Magnum V8 but this information is universal among all of these engines from the same era so whether you have a Ram Van, a Ram pickup or a Dodge Dakota – this thread can walk you through the simple steps to try to get your Ram or Dakota engine running smoothly before resorting to more expensive repairs – or before you have to take the truck to a mechanic and brace for the big repair bills.

Click here to head into the DodgeForum 2nd generation Dodge Ram section for a nice, simple DIY on how to clean your idle air control (IAC) valve in your garage or driveway.


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