Tech Thread Spotlight: Dodge Dakota 4×2 to 4×4 Swap

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crazy4x4rt crawl 600

Do you have a rear wheel drive Dodge Dakota and you yearn for the go-anywhere properties of four wheel drive? If so, all you need to do is fine a donor 4WD Dakota that is a similar to yours in the chassis length and you can literally swap the body from your truck onto the chassis of the donor Dakota.  DodgeForum Dakota guru Crazy4x4RT (his 4Wd swapped 1g Dakota is shown above) put together a quick how-to in the 1st generation Dakota section after a new member asked about adding four wheel drive to his factory rear drive pickup.  This is not exactly a DIY piece but it contains a quick walk-through of how to “easily” add four wheel drive to your Dakota thanks to the fact that these trucks are all body on frame.

Realistically, the toughest part of this type of 4×4 Dakota project is finding the right donor truck that will work with your Dakota’s body but if you can find something that fits – this is really the best way to get four wheel drive in a truck that wasn’t originally equipped as such.  Best of all, this thread also has some brief Q&A on the swap with Crazy4x4RT providing tips along with quickly explaining the other options.

Click here for a closer look at how to add four wheel drive to your rear-drive Dodge Dakota!

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