Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Get Your Dodge Caliber Out of Park

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2009 dodge caliber 600

When the Dodge Caliber with an automatic transmission is parked on a steep grade without using the parking brake, it can create a situation where the car will not let the driver shift out of park.  This happens because when parked on a slope, the weight of the car is resting on the internal workings of the transmission and it literally pins the transmission into park.  Unfortunately, this is a problem that is caused by not using the parking brake properly so it isn’t a problem that will be addressed by a warranty.  Fortunately, enough owners have run into the problem and been willing to share how they fixed the issue here on

Now it should be noted that you can protect your Dodge Caliber from getting stuck in park simply by making sure to apply the parking brake before letting off of the brakes when parking on a hill.  However, should you park on a slope without using the parking brake – or if the parking brake doesn’t hold quite well enough – there is a remedy to your issue that won’t have you taking the car to the shop for repairs.

If you have a Dodge Caliber that won’t shift out of park you can click here for information on how to get the car out of park and if you are a Caliber owner who has run into this problem and you want to share your experience, head into the forum to comment!

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