Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Make Your Own Tow Hooks for a 3rd Gen Durango

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Tow hooks can be handy when you need to pull a Explorer out of the ditch but the Mopar tow hooks for the 3rd generation Dodge Durango are a touch on the pricey side for an item that you may not ever use.  I mean, they look great too but the prices from Mopar might make you think twice about buying them for your muscular Dodge SUV.  Fortunately, DodgeForum member alpinedog68 put together an awesome do-it-yourself piece detailing how to make your own tow hooks for the 3rd generation Durango.

Surprisingly, you don’t need all that much outside of some patience, some angle iron, a set of aftermarket tow hooks and some good, strong bolts to make a set of tow hooks for the 3rd gen Durango.  As you can see in the image above, the result is a super clean set of hooks that only cost this Durango owner $25 bucks – although it should be noted that he already had the angle iron.  Even with that in mind, a Durango owner with some basic tools, a few free hours on a Saturday and a little elbow grease can fit up their Dodge SUV with a set of hooks that look sharp and will prove to be helpful when pulling out stuck Fords or Chevys.

Click here to see how to make your own tow hooks for the 3rd gen Dodge Durango.

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