Tech Thread Spotlight: What You Need to Supercharge Your 3g Dakota

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blown287 engine bay

Dodge truck lovers love to go fast and for those 3rd generation Dakota owners who want to go really fast, supercharging is the best way to get big power out of the 4.7L V8.  Unfortunately for some, adding a supercharger is not as simple as just bolting up a supercharged so to help 3g Dakota owners looking to make gobs more power, Dakota go-fast guru blown287 put together a thread detailing all of the items needed to supercharge a 2005-2011 Dakota.  Blown287’s Dakota is the truck shown in the post here including the small gallery below.

In addition to walking 3rd gen Dakota owners through the basic needed to safely supercharger their trucks such as bigger fuel injectors, a hand tuner, different spark plugs and more, blown287 offers up a quick look at some of the available supercharger packages available for the midsized Dodge/Ram pickup.  Mind you, this isnt a supercharged install DIY as that would vary depending on the specific components chosen for each person’s truck but rather, this gives owners an outline of the major components needed to make the project happen.

After the introduction to what 3rd gen Dakota owners will need to supercharge their truck for big power, the thread serves as a brief Q&A with blown287 and some other experienced Dakota owners so if you are looking to go the supercharging route in the near future – this is an ideal tech thread for you.

Click here to check out blown287’s supercharger list in the 3rd generation Dakota section.

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