The Autoweek America Adventure road rally Presented by SRT begins tomorrow

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Tomorrow at the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado, the Autoweek
America Adventure road rally Presented by SRT kicks off on their 6-day tour of
the United States with the 29 teams competing to win a 2012 Chrysler 300C SRT8.  Among those 29 teams are a variety of
Chrysler Group products but three specific cars have been chosen and entered by
SRT division with a pair of Chrysler 300C SRT8 sedans and a Dodge Neon SRT4.

The SRT brand has sponsored three teams include team #734 “Wild
Pickle”, team #77 coSRToc and team #20 Honey Badger Boo Boo. 

Team Wild Pickle is comprised of Anthony Meldorf and Russell Blackstock with
their race car for the week being the Chrysler 300C SRT8 as these two Navy
submariners race on the behalf/in honor of the men and women who served in the
US Armed Forces.  Anthony drives a Dodge
Caliber SRT4 while Russell drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8…at least its
not a Toyota, right?  You can view their
profile page by clicking here

Next is Team coSRToc, with Steve Pomana and TJ Tjarks
driving a “specially prepared” Dodge Neon SRT4. 
Their profile doesn’t mention what they drive but considering the fact
that they met through an SRT owners website – we can guess that they drive
Chrysler Group products.  The SRT brand
sponsored this team to represent all of the enthusiast groups around the
country.  You can click their profile by
clicking here.

The final SRT-sponsored team is Team Honey Badger Boo Boo
and this pairing is comprised of Auto Week editor-in-chief Dutch Mande and director
of SRT brand marketing and operations, Beth Paretta.  These two will be racing from Colorado to Las
Vegas in another Chrysler 300C SRT8.  You
can read their full profile here.

You can look at the full list of teams and follow along with
the Autoweek America Adventure Presented by SRT by clicking here but I will
warn you that right now, it is hard to tell who is driving what so if you’re
looking to root for Chrysler Group products, it might take some time to figure
out who is driving what.  A few of the
teams have pictures in their galleries that indicate what they are driving and
Ive found a few other Chrysler racers like Team Gamma (#01) that is racing a
new Dodge Charger SRT8, Team Forge Ahead USA (#12) in a Dodge Viper and Team Roe
Racing (#5) in a Dodge Viper.

The image atop the article shows the #01 Charger SRT8 of
Team Gamma.  They are not sponsored by
SRT but considering that they have an awesome car and they are really the only
team who has put up images thus far – it seemed like a good reason to feature
their Charger.  You can read more about
their team here

The Autoweek America Adventure Presented by SRT finishes up
at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas with 6 days of cross country driving
combined with challenges to test the racers along the way.  For those unsure, this is not a high speed
race on public roads but rather, a competition to see who can get from point A
to point B closest to the given amount of time. 
Teams are penalized if they get to a stop too early to simply being the
team who drives the fastest from point to point will not be the winner.  You can click here for a closer look at the
rules of the Autoweek America Adventure Presented by SRT
and to keep tabs with
what is going on over the next week, you can subscribe to your favorite team’s
social networking feeds.

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