Tire Shredding: Dodge Challenger SRT8 Smokes Out V6 Mustang

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We usually only feature Dodge, Ram, SRT or some other Chrysler Group product here on DodgeForum but this week, in addition to a Dodge Challenger SRT8, our Tire Shredding Tuesday clip includes a Ford Mustang. That is because this video shows a sort of burn-off between a 425 horsepower Challenger SRT8 and a 210 horsepower V6 Mustang. Surprisingly, the V6 Mustang does a fairly impressive burnout as the driver spins the heck out of one wheel…but that pegleg burnout is badly overshadowed by the big, nasty tire killing session turned in by the Hemi Challenger.

While I enjoy a good burnout, I should put some sort of disclaimed with this Challenger-v- Mustang burnout clip. Doing burnouts side by side, this close, is stupid and dangerous. Add to it the fact that these two cars are surrounded by a massive group of people on all sides and the likelihood of someone getting hurt by either the Challenger or Mustang go up exponentially. Based on the license plates, we can guess that this battle didn’t take place in the USA, so at least the green car movement can’t blame American gearheads for the foolishness in the video.

In any case, this Dodge Challenger SRT8 does an awesome burnout, showing up the Mustang both in the amount of smoke created and the long twin stripes charred into the road.

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