Tire Shredding Tuesdays:1968 Plymouth Barracuda Amazing Rolling Smoke Show

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cuda rolling burnout 600

This is one of the most epic rolling burnouts that I’ve seen from a “normal” car and while there isnt much Plymouth Barracuda discussion here on DodgeForum – this remarkable burnout is more than worthy of being featured on Tire Shredding Tuesday.

The video starts off with the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda notchback doing what looks to be a very respectable burnout, especially considering that he is rolling forward at a pretty good pace.  However, as the camera pans out and the smoke continues to billow from the rear tires, the amount of smoke created would make most burnout competition entrants blush.  All that is known about the 1968 Barracuda in action here is that it is powered by a 440 big block mated to a 4-speed manual transmission and based on how effortlessly this car blows away the tires – I would guess that there might be some work done.

The video is older so the quality isnt the best but this clip of a 68 Barracuda is really one of the best rolling burnouts that ive seen from a car that wasn’t a purpose built drag racer.  The Barracuda sounds as great as it looks to be sure to crank up your speakers to hear the 440 roar.


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