Truckin Fast: Cummins Ram Drag Truck Compilation is Incredibly Incredible

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ctd rams qm race 600

There is just something magical about watching a really, really fast Dodge Ram pickup roar down the quarter mile and that certain something is amplified when that fast Ram is powered by the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine.  In this week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature we get to see a collection of Cummins Rams ripping down the quarter mile in heads up competition with other CTD powered Dodge trucks.  Best of all, these are some of the quickest turbo diesel powered Ram trucks I have ever seen.

The video starts by showing a 2g Cummins powered Ram jacked up in the garage area as the team warms up the gears, followed by a head to head run against a 3rd gen CTD Ram.  The 3rd gen Ram gets the jump, but the 2g in the far lane drives around on the big end with a stunning time of 9.220 and a speed of 150.20 miles per hour.  The video then jumps ahead to the 2nd gen Ram from the beginning of the video against another 2g regular cab/short bed Dodge truck and once again, this wicked CTD Ram rips off a winning run – this time turning an amazing 9.116 at 149.18 miles per hour.  That’s truckin fast.

These CTD Ram trucks sound incredible so make sure to have your speakers cranked up and enjoy!

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