Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: 1978 440 Dodge Ram Beats Chevy in the Sand

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ram vs k5 sand race 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday takes a trip off of the paved asphalt of the quarter mile – instead shifting to a race between a 1978 Dodge Ram and a Chevrolet K5 Blazer up a sand dune.  The video is short but watching this big block powered 1st gen Ram beat the smaller and lighter Chevy through the sand is awfully sweet.

Early on in the short race up the sandy hill, the Blazer actually appears to take the lead over the ’78 Ram but as the two four wheel drive beasts battle side by side, the Ram pulls ahead.  It should be noted that as the two trucks race up the hill, they take a slight turn to the left which gives the Chevy a slight advantage but it’s not enough of an advantage to keep the 440 Ram from being the first one up the hill.  The Ram lets off once it is far enough ahead to safely claim the win so the two trucks crest the hill at almost the same time but about 6 seconds into the clip, the Ram has a decisive lead when he lets off.


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