Truckin’ Fast: Ram 1500 Hemi Crushes Turbo Jetta

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ram v vw tfw 600

The Ram 1500 Regular Cab Short Bed (RCSB) pickup in the video below is far from the fastest Ram we have featured on Truckin Fast Wednesday but it is fun to watch what is likely a near-stock Hemi Ram crush a newer VW Jetta.  The information for the video doesn’t have a mod list for either vehicle but I would guess that the 4th gen Ram 1500 RCSB isn’t too far from stock as it runs away from the turbo VW with a quarter mile time of 14.33 and a speed of 86 miles per hour.  We have members here on DF that have gotten into the 13s with mild mods on an Hemi RCSB so there is a possibility that this truck is bone stock.

The Volkswagen Jetta in the far lane is actually coming on strong at the end of the race but with a time of 14.72, the VDub trailed the Ram by almost a half a second – while running through the traps with a speed that was 13 miles per hour faster than the big Ram.  In any case, the Ram still beat the VW by a significant enough margin that we should all enjoy watching this clip here on

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