Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 2g Cummins Ram Gets Its Drift On

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2g ctd ram drifts 600

Last Wednesday we featured our first clip of a Dodge pickup in drifting action and while this week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday segment looks at another Dodge truck slipping and sliding around a closed circuit – this is certainly not the kind of truck that you would expect to see drifting.  This clip of a 2nd generation Dodge Ram 2500 with the help of a tuned up Cummins Turbo Diesel is one of the most entertaining drifting videos I have ever seen considering that a high riding, offroad ready diesel Ram is hardly the kind of vehicle that you would expect to see drifting…and drifting so well.

This clip of the Dodge Ram 2500 drifting is really more of an example of hoonage as the driver is really just drifting in a circle over and over again but the combination of smoking tires and the thick black diesel soot rolling from the exhaust makes this an awesome video.  Best of all, the driver of this 2g Ram is able to keep the truck sliding and the tires spinning for almost a full minute as he continuously circles the small area that is enclosed with safety barriers.

Watching a Dodge Dakota R/T drift is cool but that is a sport truck that is made to handle and go fast.  This 2g Dodge Ram 2500 is made to tow and haul so watching this Ram go around and around the tarmac with the tires smoking is one of the most unique drifting videos I have seen.  Enjoy!

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