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Ironside 10-05-2007 03:41 PM

The FreeGIG experience
Hey guys,

As I have posted earlier, I am in the process of getting the FreeGIG system up and running, I thought I would make a thread on here detailing my progress to let you guys know if this is a good purchase or not.

Well... it started on a rather disappointing note. The product showed up this morning with a hefty $105 cash on delivery charge for crossing the border (Canadian buyers beware!) so I angrily paid it and got started on the install.

Thanks to Futil's post, the tear down of the dash was a piece of cake. These cars come apart in pieces in such a cool way, see his thread for details.

Anyway, I installed the FreeGIG and checked to see if it worked... DISASTER!!!

I had a TON of warning lights on, my entire gauge cluster stopped working (none of the needles would move, temp/compass displayed " - - ", my radio stopped working, turn signals and hazard signals would not work and my key fob no longer functioned other than the remote start, not to mention it said my car was in 8th gear... lol)

So I uninstalled the FreeGIG and returned everything back to the way it was and turned the car on... Bad news PART TWO... the car was still MESSED UP.

I called the company that makes FreeGIG and was forwarded to the tech support guys who took my number and said they would call me back.

About twenty minutes later as I was about to bring my car to the dealership to have them figure out what was wrong, like magic, the car was back to normal!!! Weeeird.

Anyway, I have been on and off the phone with "Bob" from Tech Support and they have been extremely helpful and very professional about all of this. They decided to just send me another BRAND NEW FreeGIG rather than continue messing around with the one I have now.

So whenever it comes in, I will try it out and report back as to whether or not it works, hopefully it does not cost me another $105 fee to cross the border again.

Stay Tuned...

futil 10-05-2007 04:00 PM

RE: The FreeGIG experience
That sucks that it didnt work and you had to pay on delivery.. I hate when stuff doesnt work when you order it through the mail.. such a hassle.. I have a feeling you will get stuck with that bill again when thenew unit arrives.

Try not to get too scared when your car screws up like that.. I unplugged the battery and I had the same issue until I started it and they cycled the ignition from off to on and everything started working againlater on when I tried it again. I was kind of upset that my radio wouldnt talk to me anymore.. apparently she was mad at me for unplugging her.. (Women.. what can ya do)I thought Ifried the computer in the car or something like that.. Never felt sick to my stomach over an event before. Luckilyeverything returned to normal after a while.My radioeventually forgave meand talks to me now too..

I would assume that the FreeGIG was sending out bad signals on theCAN bus or blocking them entirely and there are tons of items that require CAN networkdatato function.

Hopefully 2nd time's a charm.

futil 11-06-2007 10:32 PM

RE: The FreeGIG experience
Any update on the Freegig?

Ironside 11-07-2007 11:18 PM

RE: The FreeGIG experience

What a terrible experience; I have never dealt with a more unprofessional company in my life.

Long story short, the second FreeGIG came in and was just as messed up as the first one. It also had another $100 delivery charge. At first I refused delivery and after days of calling between UPS and Nav-TV I was able to get the shipping charge down to $23 only to find out that it was more money wasted.

After contacting Nav-TV and asking for a refund, as well as an account number thatI could charge the return shipping fees to, I was YELLED AT by their dumbass employees and made to feel like this was somehow MY fault.

I questioned them as to whether or not they even TESTED this product for an Avenger, and after dancing around the question they finally admitted that they have NOT... their engineer just "figured it would probably work".

Nice for them to tell me AFTER I've already tossed $470+ at this stupid thing.

I just shipped back both products today and am in talks with the Better Business Bureau to go after these jerks for all of the money I wasted buying a product that was sold to me in bath faith.

If Nav-TV wants to continue playing hard-ball, I think a call to my lawyer is coming next.


KDmospdRT 11-13-2007 01:54 PM

RE: The FreeGIG experience -
Thanks for the update, I was just telling people about for the bypass on I'm going to update my post and tell them DO NOT BUY, thanks for the heads up and sorry for your experiance

AvengerRT 11-14-2007 08:13 AM

RE: The FreeGIG experience -
I have heard in another forum, I think possibly from the NavTV folks, but it may have been from someone else, that they would be releasing a software fix for this soon. Of course I've seen nothing.

But i have personally spoke with someone in the know (i'd rather not say who, what, when or where) and there IS a software workaround for this. Essentially it would make it so you could do everything in motion, and not lose any functionality of uconnect, navigation or anything with no cutting of wires, adding modules, etc etc. Of course short of a miracle, I doubt we will ever see this. Too much liability involved. But the radio is capable of doing what we want right now. Its just disabled. And no, a starscan isn't going to fix it either. The only thing starscanning can do is enable it to play dvds while in park.

KDmospdRT 11-14-2007 01:45 PM

RE: The FreeGIG experience -
If you hear anymore about this mystery software bypass, please PM me. I went searching around the other day for possible wires connected to the shifter... no luck, plus it was getting dark and harder to see...

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