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URBANRDNECK 10-31-2011 10:38 AM

4.7L Engine Takedown *Lots of Big Pics
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If you don't know I swapped out my old 4.7L which had its timing messed up and replaced it with 06 H.O 4.7. I figured that a few people could benefit from my experience.This is the way I did it, it may not follow the correct way but it gets you to the same ending. So here begins the takedown of a 2004 4.7L...

First make sure that you have all the proper tools to make sure you can get the job done... The fridge comes in handy after you spend 30 minutes trying to get a single bolt off :icon_toast:

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Second it really helps if you have the correct engine. it would kinda look something like this

Attachment 60727

Ok now that you have all of your tools and the correct engine we can now start the process of starting the teardown of a 4.7L

First what you want to do is remove all of the ignition coils off of the intake manifold with a 10mm socket

Attachment 60728

when your done you should have 8 coils and 8 10mm nuts.

Attachment 60729

Next is to remove the fuel rail which is held on my four 8mm bolts, you have to wiggle the injectors to get them loose.

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After that you should have the four 8mm bolts from the fuel rail, the fuel rail and the injectors, eight ignition coils and eight bolts for the coils

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I kinda broke this little piece while swapping engines but i think it turns and you could pull it out of the oil fill area

Attachment 60732

next onto the the bolts that hold the intake manifold to the engine, these are the same bolts that the ignition coils where screwed on. unscrew 8 of them and note they will not pop out but make sure they are no long screwed into the heads. There are also two other bolts on oppisite sides on the manifold that I'm missing a picture from but same thing unscrew them with a 10mm. You can actually see the two bolts im talking about a few pictures up. its on the bottom left and top right corner

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Next unscrew the mounting for the oil capacity "gauge" 10mm and lift up and remove intake manifold

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Part one complete.

thunder98110 10-31-2011 01:57 PM

this is legit man, good work so far. i would have done the same but i had the shop take my heads off since i had the ho cam in there.

URBANRDNECK 10-31-2011 03:34 PM

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Eww, soo much garbage underneath the intake manifold...

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Removed intake manifold with throttle body

Attachment 60715

Intake ports are just a little dirty

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Your next step will be to removing the crankshaft pulley so that you can remove the timing cover. I forgot what the socket size but it a fairly large socket. you need something to keep the pulley itself from spinning the repair manual suggest that you use some kind of chain contraption. Being cheap and not wanting to go buy some $50+ tool I figured if I wedged a C-clamp against the pulley and the block it would work. That bolt will be on there extremely tight so sometimes you need and "extension" to your breaker bar to get the job done.

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after that use a 3 jaw puller on the pulley to slowly pull it off of the crankshaft.

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I had to put a socket on the end of my puller because mine wasn't long enough to pull the pulley completely off the crank.

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Next you have to remove the tensionor, you remove this by unscrewing a 13 mm bolt.

Attachment 60720

Your engine should now look like this.

Attachment 60721

next there are 14 bolt on the timing cover that you have to remove. Basically its all of the outside ones. KEEP TRACK OF WHAT BOLTS COME OUT OF WHERE AS THEY DO VARY.

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Remove timing cover. it may be stuck onto your engine a few hits with a rubber mallet should knock it off. Take note there will still be coolant in your engine and it will go all over the floor as soon as the timing cover pops off. Its makes a mess, so be prepared.

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next is to loosen the timing by compression a tensioner and shoving a pin through to hole to lower the pressure on the chain. I broke the stupid piece trying to compress it so I have no idea how you are suppose to do that without breaking something.

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Next part is removing the heads off of the engine

URBANRDNECK 11-02-2011 11:28 PM

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Alright so now moving onto removing the valve covers. There will be quite a few 10mm bolts that are pressed into the valve cover. Which means you can unscrew them from the head but they will not fall out of the valve cover.

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Then you can just lift up on the valve cover and get it out of your way. This exposes the "internals" of your cylinder head.

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Mine already has the camshafts removed but I will go through the process of removing it anyways since it will probably be helpful to someone.

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Your camshaft will be sitting inside those little circle areas, I have no idea what the proper term is but you know what i'm talking about. next use a 15mm socket to remove the cam bolt. you will need to hold the cam still with something. Than you can pop of the timing sprocket out of the camshaft dowl pin. Next you have to undo the tops of the circle things that hold the camshaft down. Those are 10mm bolts and you need to loosen those bolts equally to distribute the pressure evenly. I recommend doing 1/2 turns at a time until the are loose enough to undo them by hand. You can just take the rocker arms off, they are just sitting there. You probably knocked one off when you were taking off the valve cover, its no problem at all.

With the camshaft removed and the timing already loosen, we have just two things to remove before you can start breaking those head bolts loose. You will have to remove the oil fill tube which is held on by four 8mm bolts

Attachment 60606

Next There is a cam access panel/bolt on the passenger side of the engine which is a monster nut looking thing. It took the second biggest socket I had to fit this thing. just unscrew this and it will give you access to remove the last part of the timing tension-ing system so that you can remove the head.

Attachment 60607

This is the last thing you have to remove to give you enough access to pull the head with easy. Its a T35 bolt that you just have to unscrew and pull the the tension-ing piece out.

Attachment 60608

Attachment 60609

For the other side its a plastic panel that you just have to pop out and do the exact same thing but with a 13mm socket

Attachment 60610

Attachment 60611

Attachment 60612

Your timing sprocket you can just take out,and let the chain fall into the engine so it gets out of your way.

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OK so the moment you all have been waiting for... Its now time to loosen those head bolts and rip the cylinder head off your engine. There are 14 bolts that you will have to loosen in a sequence. Basically unscrew the tiny 4 head bolts that are in the area of the timing sprocket and outer head. Then move onto the head studs that are in the camshaft area. These are loosen with a 15mm socket and a breaker bar. Be sure to only turn these 1/2 a turn at a time otherwise you may warp your head in the process. Make sure that you loosen them by going across the head after every bolt.

Attachment 60614

You might not even get all of the head bolt completely out and the head will start to move around. After you get all the bolts out, lift up and look at your hopefully pretty pistons.

Attachment 60615

Mmmm. I like that it still has the cross etching and no marks in the cylinders!

Attachment 60616

Look at one of the heads from the underside.

Attachment 60617

Thanks for viewing my takedown! Coming soon will be the tearing down the bottom end!

Blaze10 11-03-2011 06:37 AM

this is nuts! thanks for the info an time! pretty sure this should be sticky

Trent479 11-03-2011 10:27 AM

dang man you are goin at it! very informative! good thread ya got here! hope it all worked out for you!

URBANRDNECK 11-27-2011 11:28 PM

I just finished pulling out the crank. Look forward to the Final part of disassembly

URBANRDNECK 11-28-2011 10:22 AM

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Alright guys and gals here comes the final steps in the take down of a 4.7L!

Last time I posted I had the engine looking something like this, well without the timing cover.

Attachment 59639

Your next step is to remove the secondary chain tensionors. There are two of these guys. One is up and to the right of the main/big timing sprocket and the other one is right to the left the sprocket.
Attachment 59640
They look something like this
Attachment 59641
here is the upper right one removed
Attachment 59642
Then make sure you have all the chains fall "into" the engine. I think there was another bolt holding on the main timing chain sprocket on but I forgot to take a picture of it
Attachment 59643
Attachment 59644
I will get back to finishing this later today. I figured I would post what I could now

EricBing 11-30-2011 08:25 PM

WOW better than a haynes manual very informative, love the terminology, Great job will be waiting and watching. Thanx its ppl like you that help the great backyard mechanics, with scraped knuckls vise grip and a BFH

moe7404 12-16-2011 09:31 PM

not at all like a real engine is it?

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