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Best oil for 4.7


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Default Best oil for 4.7

Just bought a 2000 2wd 4.7 auto ext sport with 49k km on it. Previous owner did good maintenance as the truck is in new condition. Did my first oil/filter change with mobil 1 5w30 and noticed sludge under the filler cap. I heard the 4.7 is bad for sludge buildup. Will using mobil 1 cleanup the sludge in my engine? What gains in mpg would I get from switching to mobil 1...looks like previous owner was using dino oil.

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Default RE: Best oil for 4.7

go with amsoil. oil change last 25000 miles or 1 year. oil looks as good as it did when it first went in, check out there web site, the only thing they recommend is changing the filter every 6 months or 12500 miles. currently running it in my 05 4.7 first oil change since i bought the truck new, now the truck has 26000 on it.
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Default RE: Best oil for 4.7

I can't coment on Amsoil personaly but if an oil stays as clean as when it goes in after a years driving, its not doing its job. Its not cleaning the engine if it stays clean itself!

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Default RE: Best oil for 4.7

good point dakinuk. also, there is other work which is not being mentioned like switching oil filters. to be honest, unless you are working in extreme heat or cold, the "type" of oil isnt as big of a factor as the regular maintenance of changing your oil. changing your oil every 3,000 miles may seem a little tedious, but if you want your vehicle to last, dont try to short-cut the important things.
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Default RE: Best oil for 4.7

I agree with Virused with one caveat; The 3000 mile thing is hooey unless you're in the "severe use" bracket like routinely towing, stop-and-go commuting, etc. My mileage is mostly highway, and I've always used a 5000 mile interval with no issues whatsoever. It saves money and is a lot easier to remember, especially if you own multiple vehicles.

As far as oil goes, any premium brand is about as good as any other. Don't skimp on the filter either. I run Valvoline 5W-30 and Fram Extra Guard filters in both my vehicles. My Dak has just over 80,000 miles and burns about half a quart between changes. My Focus has about the same mileage and oil consumption rate, so every 3000 miles or so I split a quart of oil between them.
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Default RE: Best oil for 4.7

I change mine every 3K with mobile 1 sythetic. Mine gets dirty but thats to be expected.
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